Questions and Answers

Q: Multifamily developer inquiring about opportunities at Flower Mound Ranch.
A: What information is needed?

Q: I am inquiring about the Bartonville ETJ area on the north side of the development. Any updates you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
A: The Bartonville ETJ area will be developed using an ETJ MUD development model and will include a mix of uses, including residential and multifamily.

Q: I’m concerned about the bike lanes. Am I to understand that they’re not going to be separated from vehicle traffic? Bike lanes should be protected, otherwise they are a serious danger to cyclists and motorists alike. Please consider using protected bike lanes to promote active transportation.
A: Bike lanes within the MU21-0002 zoning application area are regulated by Flower Mound's mixed use zoning ordinance. Please discuss concerns about bike lane regulations with Flower Mound.

Q: I loved the original plan and I think these rezoning requests are extremely reasonable. Let me know when I can show up to town meetings to show support!
A. Based on input from Town staff, we believe the Flower Mound Parks Board will consider the MU21-0002 application during their August 4, 2022, meeting; and we believe public hearings will be held first at the Planning and Zoning Commission on August 15, 2022, and then at Town Council on August 22, 2022.

Q: What is the email address for me to send Jack a document ? I am an acquaintance of Jack's from a few years back and may have an idea to help with the project. Thank you
A: Jack's email address is

Q: It looks like there would be no plans to build a school until 2040 and it would only accommodate roughly 2,000 students. Am i reading this correctly? Seems like it would need at least plans for essentially 2 elementary, a middle school, and probably an entire high school for this development to make sense?
A: The applicant is working with the school district to anticipate and accommodate district growth and future Flower Mound Ranch students. The school district will determine the number, location and construction timeline for all schools. Based on current information, the Argyle ISD demographer projects one elementary school and one middle school will be required to serve Flower Mound Ranch students.

Q: Am I reading roughly 6,000 apartments correctly?
A: Consistent with the project's vested rights, zoning application MU21-0002 will allow 10,448 apartments at full build-out which will likely take 20 to 40 years to complete.

Q: When will lots be for sale and who are the builders? We are life-long Texans looking to build our forever home.
A: Lots are two or more years away. Builders are not yet confirmed.

Q: Would love to receive more information.
A: What additional information is requested?

Q: Very interested in putting money down on potential lot to build. We go to Liberty and love the area and would love to be closer to school and community. Are there any next steps?
A: Next step is to gain Town support for MU21-0002 zoning application.

Q: Would love to get caught back up on the project. Curious if the land behind 172 springfield bend that is no longer in the project still be for sale. Would love to hear plans! Still need a path to Liberty for our kids to walk/cart to school
A: The MU21-0002 zoning application includes trails and pathways. Applicant believes the 172 Springfield property may be adjacent to Bartonville ETJ property that will likely develop using a municipal utility district (MUD) to fund infrastructure required to support a variety of uses, including single family and multifamily uses.

Q: I know there has been a lot going on with this property, but I'm sitting at Marty B's right now and have some ideas about uses for this property that would include development of both restaurant development and also equestrian use. I'm wondering if there would be a way to keep some as equestrian use and also have an ability for people to trailer horses in and then have a trail leading to an area where you would have shopping and food with hitches for horses? It seems like there could be a nice compromise between both development and preservation of the open space and livestock that have been in Flower Mound for decades. I'd be more than willing to share thoughts (for free!). If you are interested in discussing let me know!
A: Please share your ideas during the August 4, 2022, Flower Mound Parks Board meeting, the August 15, 2022, Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing on MU21-0002 zoning application and the August 22, 2022, Town Council public hearing on MU21-0002 zoning application.

Q: Will the community have an area for over 55? If yes, what type (Single family, condos, apartment)?
A: Yes. Those over 55 will have a variety of housing options within Flower Mound Ranch.